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About The Niche Movement

The average person will work 98,000 hours in their lifetime. The difference between loving your job and hating it has a substantial impact on your life.

Research shows that the majority of this current generation is unhappy with their current employment situation. This issue can be solved by educating this generation about the new and disruptive approaches to finding a career you love.

Do you believe we can rewrite the path to employment happiness for this generation?

The Niche Movement does, and that is why we exist.

About Kevin

Kevin O’Connell is a rising leader in disruptive career exploration. He is a TEDx speaker with over 8 years of experience designing career and leadership development strategies for students entering the 21st century workforce. Kevin is helping this generation find the work they love. He started The Niche Movement from the ground up and has turned it into a community of passionate young professionals that care about ending employment unhappiness for this generation. The movement has spread through Kevin’s keynote performances and mentoring to students at several institutions including Saint Joseph’s UniversityStevens Institute of Technology and University of Calgary, among others. He is determined to end employment unhappiness for recent college graduates and young professionals.  When Kevin is not launching new initiatives for The Niche Movement he is creating compelling social media strategies to engage twenty-something’s. Kevin is a contributing editor for ranked as a Top 10 Social Media Blog by PC Magazine. He has extensive experience building the digital capabilities of organizations in the education and non-profit space. Kevin has worked with a variety of clients, including #1 best-selling author Erik Qualman, on creating dynamic photo and video content. He is passionate about teaching organizations and individuals how to be creative on social media so that they may find their digital voice.

The Niche Movement on Kickstarter

The Niche Movement: New Rules for Finding a Career You Love is a book that will serve as a platform to help people in their career exploration in an age of limitless social connection.

Too often, new college graduates either assume their dream job doesn’t exist or their resume is not good enough to land it. This book will show them that is simply not the case. On the contrary, the problem lies within the conventional approach to career development.

The jobs new graduates might love may be with organizations not represented at college career fairs or on online job boards. Their resumes may be great, but in today’s digital world, your online presence is paramount. Many new graduates need help crafting and developing their digital reputation.

The book curates personal stories from author and entrepreneur Kevin O’Connell, outline the new rules to finding the career you love, and includes advice from experts and influencers from around the world who chose not to take the conventional approach.

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