The Niche Movement, started by Kevin O’Connell, is helping every young adult avoid employment unhappiness while disrupting career development one tweet & interaction at a time. In 2012, Kevin set out to help young adults and college students, who, frankly, may be a little bit lost. There’s a lot of information out there when it comes to landing your first job or internship – lots of listings and lots of profiles, but the Niche Movement is about sifting through all of that and trying to find a new viewpoint for you to take charge of your life. 

We at the Movement want to help. #FindYourNiche

 Be part of the movement and let us help you find your niche.

The pillars of the movement:

  1. Guiding you, no matter your education level, degree or career path, into finding your niche and dream job.
  2. Educating you on ways to stand out from your peers and discover your niche while in college, post-college life or both.
  3. Identifying appropriate organization culture and fit for you, no matter what the industry.
  4. Discovering and connecting you with new companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, or organizations that value a dynamic culture and want to hire and invest in young, talented millennials who think differently.
  5. Sharing experiences, connections, and specific resources and techniques to you at colleges and universities nationwide.  

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