Meet the NicheCon Planning Team:

Kevin O'Connell, Founder & Conference Lead

Washington, D.C.


Officially, I'm an entrepreneur, author, and digital storyteller with a Student Affairs background (#SAchat shoutout). My "day job" is running Niche Movement's sister company, F.Y.N. Creative, a digital storytelling agency helping business and individuals tell their story and build a remarkable brand.  In my free time, I have an obsession with anything golf and creating the perfect Spotify playlist. Also, I'm a foodie and I never turn down mac n' cheese. Apart from helping young people find the work they love and helping businesses who are passionate about what they do, tell their story, you can find me on the weekends on adventures around Washington, D.C. with my wife Courtney or taking my dog Luke to the dog park #blacklabsofinstagram. 

Connect with me on Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram: @koco83 -   Speaking: Press Kit

Amy Corron - Sponsorship & Collaboration Director

Troy, New York


I am a to-do list enthusiast, coffee lover, and a big fan of every dog I meet. I have always loved to travel and explore new places, being fortunate enough to live and work abroad on multiple occasions. While not adventuring, I live in Troy, New York, a part of the Capital Region, and work in Student Activities at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Always active, I have fun coaching women's rugby and enjoy participating in my local CrossFit community. I am motivated by developing individuals and teams to be their best and achieve their desired outcomes. Connect with me on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @amersy  

Camille Sennett - Experience & Excitement Director

Princeton, New Jersey


I am a planner, writer, designer, and coffee lover with a can-do attitude. My passion lies in customer experience; whether its students, colleagues, friends, or strangers - I thrive on efficiently finding ways to make others feel organized, prepared and exceptional. When I'm not implementing events for Princeton University's alumni, parents and friends, I practice circus-style aerial silks to (literally) unwind from the hustle. When I'm not wrapped up in the sling or working, I'm busy jamming to a 90's throwback playlist or reorganizing everything in my sight. Reach out on Instagram @cam_senn.  

Kelly Ho-Sang - NicheCon Tour Team

Washington, D.C.


I am a lifestyle connoisseur, courageous fashion influencer, and marketing mastermind! As an aspiring entrepreneur wearing many hats is my first nature when it comes to my everyday life. Being a Fashion Marketing student at the University of the District of Columbia, Visual Director for Sophie Blake NY, and being apart of the NicheCon Tour Team are experiences that consistently motivate my dream of becoming a #Girlboss. When I am not in training to take over the world , I adore traveling to new cities, indulging in gourmet cuisine, and collaborating with local creatives. My passion for living life on your own terms and breaking the cycle of a traditional professional life, is what lead me to become apart of the amazing team at The Niche Movement! Connect with me at  or follow me on Instagram @lestyleconnoisseur

Heidi Rivera - NicheCon Tour Team

Washington, D.C.


I'm a do-er, learner, and curious explorer! I recently graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Health Systems Management, and a minor in Consciousness and Transformation. My interests range from innovation, entrepreneurship, cultures, global health, music to dance. Because of my diverse interests I'd consider myself to be a 'multipotentialte'. I'm digging into career exploration at the moment which joined my call to action by being part of The Niche Movement to help folks like me find their niche! Connect with me on Instagram @heidirivera.

Kris - NicheCon Tour Team

Washington, D.C.

I am The Niche Movement's Social Media and Content Distribution Intern. I love walking on the National Mall and vacationing at Disney World, but my family is also basically the Kardashians with everyone's name starting with a "K". I am "monumentally" excited to follow my passions with The Niche Movement. Follow me on Instagram @kristopherc97.

Daniel Bonner - Videographer & Content Creator

Washington, D.C.


Hello! I am an Apple fanatic; watching their product announcement keynotes with my friends is one of my favorite things #AppleFanboy. When I'm not doing that, I enjoy a good mountain biking trail or a game of ultimate frisbee followed by seeing what other foods go well with Sriracha.

All that fun stuff aside, my passion is really finding out the best way to capture and convey stories and their emotions through film.

Follow me on Instagram @danielbonner

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