- Become a partner or sponsor NicheCon Fireside Chat Tour. More info here.

- Round table discussion (sharing why they love their job)

- Show behind-the-scenes of your local event and be a Snapchat guest story during a tour event. 

- Work the crowd. Mingle with other attendees and generate engaging conversations prior to the event.

- Tech. Video. Photo. Can't have a conference without it, right?

- Write a blog post about your tour event experience.

Ways to get involved in with tNM (general):

NicheCon Tour Ambassadors - Get behind the scenes on our Mid-Atlantic tour as we interview young professionals who love what they do. This is the perfect opportunity that doesn't require a ton of time for anyone looking to break into event planning, marketing, or just wants a chance network with up and coming mover and shakers. To apply read here

- Contribute to our (or create) a Spotify playlist

- Become a contributing editor.

- Show behind-the-scenes of your workplace and share a snapchat guest story or recommend someone for a guest story.


- Download our free guides or read our book.