If you have come this far, you must really be digging The Niche Movement if you've come this far. Thanks for checking out the opportunities we have. As we grow and expand our needs with both The Niche Movement and the work with our Digital Storytelling agency, continue to increase for interns, contractors, freelancers, and part-time and (coming soon!) full-time employees. 

Currently Hiring!

  • 2017 Internships - Managing Editor, Social Media, Podcast Producer, and Event Planner Internships. Descriptions and how to apply can be found here.  
  • NicheCon Tour Ambassadors - Get behind the scenes on our Mid-Atlantic tour as we interview young professionals who love what they do. This is the perfect opportunity that doesn't require a ton of time for anyone looking to break into event planning, marketing, or just wants a chance network with up and coming mover and shakers. To apply read here

Here are positions and skills sets we are always looking for: 

  • Graphic Designers - Adobe & Canva are your cat's names. 
  • Videographers - You can creatively produce engaging stories that capture our attention and emotions. Make us laugh, make us cry - whatever you do, make us feel something. 
  • Photographers - You aspire to be like Chase Jarvis, FroKnowsPhoto, etc. 
  • Copywriters - Like dropping a beat, you can wordsmith with the best of them. You have an eye  for detail and can write/edit clearly, concisely, and on a deadline. 
  • Social Media Community Managers - @ replying, double tapping, engagement and digital voice is totally your jam. 
  • Website - You understand the "back-end" and most likely work late at night. 
  • Business Development - You're over the word outreach & "biz-dev."
  • Event Planner - You know what it takes to manage resources, budgets, timelines, and expectation to produce a seamless event. You're a team player and you get things done.  

What's the next step? Drop us a line to introduce yourself and share your work or passion to work with us. info@thenichemovement.com