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Montreal/ACPA16 Meet-Up

Join us for a special Meet-Up at #ACPA16 Monday March 7th 6:30-8:30pm at L'assomoir. 

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Do you love your job? 

Awesome, we know the feeling and we want everyone to feel that way! Which is exactly why you are valuable for events like these. Use the passion you have for your career or Student Affairs and help inspire others. By you simply attending, offering advice on how you found your niche, and sharing your network, you can empower others to say "I love my job!"

Are you trying to figure it out? 

That's OK. That is exactly why The Niche Movement and these events exist. We strive to end employment unhappiness for this generation and to help those who haven't found their niche create a path to finding a job you love. Our founder, Kevin O'Connell spent 8+ years working in Student Affairs and many of our contirubting editors and supporters are from this field. 

Perfect For: Anyone trying to figure it out. For those job searching, recalibrating, that love their job, or want to be inspired by others. This isn't your typcial networking event. 

Want to learn more about us? Check us out here or email us directly at

Can't make it? Email our founder, Kevin O'Connell ( as he will be in attendance at ACPA16 and may be able to connect while he is there.