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Snapchat Part 1 - 7 things people who love what they do have in common

Snapchat Part 1 - Wednesday August 17, 2016 9:30pm EST - Google on-air hangout

Since April 1st this year, The Niche Movement has shared our Snapchat account (@nichemovement) with 60+ young professionals from all around the world that love what they do. 

Young pro's who work at places like Twitter, the Dr. Oz show, Whistle Sports, and Chloe & Isabel. 

They shared their entire day with us: from their first cup of coffee to leaving the office in the evening, but most importantly they showed us how they work, who they work with, what they really do day in and day out, and why they love it!

Now, we are going to share a few stories and 7 commonalities we learned that can help you find a job you love. 

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