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Why does The Niche Movement exist?

The traditional job search is outdated. The resume is dead and career fairs are broken. This approach leads to a society of unengaged, unsatisfied, and uninspired young adults. And that sucks because whether you know it yet or not, you have something valuable to add to this world.

The Niche Movement exists to bring people together and help you find your niche and love your job, period.  

The job you love does exist. 

Do you want to break through the noise and find tools, literally at your fingertips and in your community to stand out? Don't you want to love Mondays? Don't you want to work in environments and for leaders you enjoy being around every, single, day? With your ambition and our innovative approaches and resources, our generation can help other's find employment happiness, together. 

So, are you ready to find your niche?   


You can help others 

All right, you love what you do! Your story, advice, or connections are valuable to others looking for their niche. We’d like to invite you to share them here. 

Do you want to inspire others?

Are you ready to pay it forward?

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We can Help

You may be stuck, lost, or just hate your current situation. And that's ok, because we've been there. With a variety of tools, resources, and programs, including our brand new e-course we have you covered.

From the NicheList, to our book, companion guides, now e-course with GenTwenty, we are here to help.

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