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Patty Rivas, a health/fitness blogger at Reach Your Peak, Social Media Strategist & Graduate Student at Rutgers University read the Social Media Week "Skip Your Career Fair" post and took the advice seriously. Now she's eager to tell you her experience, advice and how she networked like a boss while in NYC. This voicemail below is also a result of guidance, developing Patty's skills and finding her niche working with me. Enjoy the post! - Kevin O'Connell

Two weeks ago, I rode into New York City to attend some Social Media Week events. I had no idea what to expect, but I was really excited that a bunch of events were free. There are bigger events that do charge, or you need to purchase a pass for, but luckily, the events I attended were free of charge AND awesome!

I started my day at Likeable Media, which was my favorite event of the day. Their event was called “Social Media Strategy in 30 Minutes.” I actually got on the list for this event (it was full) because of one of The Niche Movement’s tips, which was if an event is closed out, simply email the creator of the event. I figured I wouldn’t get a response or if I did they would just say, “It’s full, sorry.” The Marketing Director of Likeable Media emailed me back within minutes saying she had put me on their list!

"I immediately thought of The Niche Movement, and what they preach: Go places other college students aren’t going."

Once I walked into their office, I immediately thought of The Niche Movement, and what they preach: Go places other college students aren’t going. This event was the perfect opportunity to network with Likeable Media employees (if you’re looking to get into marketing and social media marketing). Everyone was very friendly and open to questions. If I were a student looking for a job, I’d network, get some business cards, and follow-up for an informational interview.

The next session was a panel discussion with founders of companies like Tumblr and Buzzfeed. While this would have been a harder event to network at (since there were hundreds of attendees), the founders did stick around after the session to mingle with attendees. Also, think of who is going to these events…other like-minded people like you! Everyone is there to network and meet new people.

The last session was yet another great networking opportunity. While the session was based on building apps, there was great discussion revolving around social media as well. Two start-up founders led the event, which was capped at about 15 people for a smaller feel. This also meant you could mingle with the founders afterwards and ask them questions about apps, business, or how to create your own start-up company. I was able to get contact information for both people and have since followed up with them.

When you think of “job search” you may think of career fairs, or looking through Be creative with it! Find events like Social Media Week which often have free events or student discounts. Browse to find business or entrepreneurial related Meetups in your area. People go to those events with the intention to network, so don’t be afraid to go and get your name out there! If you follow the tips The Niche Movement provides, such as ditching career fairs, you will find the job of your dreams…one in which you’re happy and fulfilled.

Patty Rivas, @pattyrivas13 a health/fitness blogger at Reach Your Peak, Social Media Strategist & Graduate Student - Rutgers University

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