I Love My Job: Eppa Rixey of Lagunitas Brewery


Vignette from our up coming book During his first couple of years working full time, Eppa Rixey spent his nights and weekends immersing himself in the history and making of craft beer. He had a passion outside of his day job that really peaked his interest. So when given the chance to complete a 6-month externship, Eppa began looking for opportunities in the craft beer industry, one that he had always been enthusiastic about. He was constantly learning about the process of making craft beer and organizing special craft-beer happy hours for the company. He wanted to gain hands on experience in the industry. With a little bit of curiosity, not being afraid to network and after contacting a variety craft brewery industries leaders, he ultimately winded up connecting with an employee at Lagunitas Brewing in Petaluma, California about the possibility of completing his 6-month externship with them.

At the end of their initial conversation, the employee asked if Eppa would be available for an interview. Eppa being one for not wasting time, fired off his resume immediately, and within a couple of hours had completed his first interview in the same day. He was then referred to the CEO and one of the managers of the finance department. Eppa clicked with both immediately and within a couple of days, he received a phone call.

Lagunitas did not want to hire Eppa for an externship...instead, they offered him a full-time position at the company.

The Best Advice Eppa ever received:

Andy Thomas, now CEO of the Craft Beer Alliance, gave Eppa a piece of advice that he never forgot: whatever you Google in your free time, find a way to make money off of it. You’ll be taking something you’re already interested in and putting the time you spend researching it to good use. Looking at your Google history is a great way to determine what industry you’re passionate about. Even things that don’t seem like typical jobs can be segued into a profitable career.

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