5 Reasons Why Finding Your Niche Requires Patience

5 Reasons Why Finding Your Niche Requires Patience
written by Rachael

Ever wonder why you haven’t found your dream career yet? Do you speculate as to why your current job pales in comparison to the work you want for yourself? Have you often thought that you just can’t seem to achieve that employment happiness everyone is talking about?

If you’ve found yourself mulling over questions like these, you’re in good company. Many millennials share the sentiment that employment happiness is unattainable. Too much of the millennial community enters the workforce with mountains of student debt and little direction when it comes to career goals. Some young professionals think they know the type of job they long for, while others will take any job they can get to pay their bills.

It’s a dilemma.

Luckily, The Niche Movement is dedicated to helping young professionals find employment happiness. We know how hard it is to find that special career you’re destined to achieve. We also know finding the right fit requires endless patience. We’re talking patience upon patience upon patience.

Why so much patience? Well, here are five reasons finding your niche requires patience:

1.      Success doesn’t happen overnight. In any field, regardless of natural-born talent, years of education, and a lifetime of experience, success doesn’t just come to a person. It has to be earned overtime. Success is one of those vague, desirable goals most people long for. We all want to earn a hefty paycheck, prime status, and employment happiness, right? If you fit into this mindset, chances are you’ll have to earn success overtime. Finding a niche requires patience because you won’t be successful right away. Take time in grooming yourself to grow within a company and earn that promotion or managerial position you have your eye on. It’s won’t just happen. You have to work for it.

2.      Trial and error takes time. Most people don’t love the first job they have or even the first several jobs they have. Even finding a company you believe in takes time in itself. Work needs to be about more than just a job title and some listed responsibilities. You need to invest yourself in a company’s mission, core values, integrity, and culture. Finding the perfect fit takes patience. Trial and error will help any young professional find that ideal fit. Test out different jobs and companies, whether by internships, shadowing opportunities, and/or short-term contracts. Experiment to find that perfect niche.

3.      Goals shift as we age. The goals you set for yourself straight out of college are not necessarily going to be the same aspirations you have later in life. You might find yourself absolutely in love with one career in your twenties and thirties, but by the time you reach your forties you may want to switch fields completely. That said, finding the niche you want for yourself may change and adapt as you mature. Don’t let this scare you! Instead, use this to learn the art of patience. Be patient with yourself as you grow and discover the niche you long to join. Constantly assess your goals and be open to shifting them.

4.      Time determines devotion. If you are absolutely set on a particular niche in mind, the more time you invest in the field, the more apt you are to become devoted. Patience, once again, is key. Be patient with yourself and you explore and discover the niche you long to join. Learn about the types of networking opportunities, experiences, and benefits of devoting yourself that exist within the culture of the niche you believe you enjoy. The more time you dedicate to a desired niche, the likelier you will be to succeed.

5.      Good things come to those who wait. Don’t pressure yourself to find your niche the moment you graduate from school or find a company you believe in. When you pressure yourself to succeed, you actually may fail. Give yourself a chance to learn the ropes and grow. In any field, time and dedication to your work will ultimately earn you promotions and employment happiness later. Focus less on the instant gratification you long for and instead prepare yourself for the happiness you’ll enjoy later. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. Finding your niche fits into this mindset.

Finding your niche and being successful in your desired field is not bound to happen overnight. Every big milestone we reach takes dedication, hard work, and a bit of patience to achieve. If you long to find employment happiness and stability in your dream career, be sure to let yourself thrive in your desired field at a slow, reasonable rate. Be patient, for everything worth having in life is bound to come in due time.