Finding My Niche in the Pages of a Book

The premise of my ongoing series for the Niche Movement leaves little to the imagination: I love books. I carry one at nearly all times, at any point I’m reading at least one, and my home is gradually outgrowing my ability to contain all the books I want in my life. But perhaps my biggest commitment to the world of books that I love so much? Choosing to write one.

In the spring of 2013, I was spending a lot of time talking to colleagues and students about a topic I loved learning about- introversion, and its role in higher education. As those around me started to learn about my research interests, and realized how it might affect themselves, their colleagues, and their students, I started getting questions. “My colleague doesn’t always respond well when I visit his office during the day. Could he be an introvert?” “My advisee doesn’t speak up in her one-on-one meetings. How can I help her share her thoughts?” “Our student leaders are struggling to understand one another. Can you help?” In all of the questions I received, that last bit was essential: “can you help?”

I started out by doing so through posts on my blog, then expanded that voice to presentations at regional and national conferences. But then it occurred- where else could this information go? After a bit of time, the bibliophile in me realized it was time: I had to write a book. After shopping the idea to a few organizations in hopes of getting published externally, the idea came: I can publish it myself. Independent publishing was something I knew nothing about. I didn’t know anyone who had done it, I had no idea who would find it once I did, or even if I could write something that long!

Ten months later, I had my manuscript. It took countless notebooks, pages and pages of handwritten notes and annotation, thousands of passes through my own writing, and a 30 day stretch of visits to the library to provide the change of scenery and material I needed to push through to the finish line. I was incredibly proud to hear that it did what I set out for it to do- answer questions about a topic that my colleagues and friends found valuable. What’s more, I got to call myself an author- a title I hadn’t thought about affixing to myself since childhood. But something I didn’t expect happened: I got more questions.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book! How long did it take you?” “I have an idea, but I can’t seem to get organized!” “Who helped you pull the book together? Can you help?” There it was again. That push to help those around me achieve what they wanted to achieve.

This time around, the solution is an online course, fulfilling a different role I always wanted to fill but haven’t previously gotten to: that of professor. The YOU, IN PRINT online course walks students through the process I went through to publish two books, either in e-book format or traditional paper/hardback. We’ll explore the narrowing and refinement of ideas, creation of writing schedules, finding collaborators, and marketing the book. Let’s face it: if you’re a fan of the Niche Movement, you’ve probably got a unique story to tell. YOU, IN PRINT could help you tell yours.

In appreciation of the community that gave me the confidence to make this leap a part of my life, I’m offering a discount to those who come to the course from The Niche Movement. Join me in the course for $20 off its original price of $79. Have questions? Please get in touch at, and I’ll do what I can to answer them for you!

Everyone has a story. Let’s tell yours.

Written by: Amma Marfo