10 Signs You’ve Found the Right Job For You

1.    You wake up motivated (even on Mondays).

2. You always have fun with your co-workers...

...even when you’re working.

3. You’re constantly learning and absorbing as much information as possible.

4. You can still be a little bit excited for the “boring” parts of your work.

5. You have moments of doubt, and sometimes there are tears.

Because you’re emotionally invested in your job.

6. But from those moments come the greatest clarity.

7. Your job gives you opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

8. You have more to celebrate than just TGIF. Landing that campaign or big account? Winning a big case? Earn that raise?

You work hard and celebrate your wins accordingly.

9. The challenges you face don’t scare you, they excite you.

10. You go to bed happy.

Written by: Nicole Booz