Does my work have purpose? (and other big questions)

written by: Shaunna Murphy

I read this article today, “Millennials Don’t Want Fun; They Want You to Lead Better.” While reading it, I thought to myself do I fit into these categories growing up in the Gen-Y generation? On a bigger scale, I’d say yes but I know I wasn’t a “latch-key kid” and I know my parents and grandparents worked extremely hard to provide for my brother and I. However, from a workplace perspective, just because the way we (millennials) grew up doesn’t mean we’re lazy and cannot accomplish greatness in our careers. I’ve been in my career for almost 7 years and have 9 years experience in the nonprofit sector.

At a point in my career where I should want to move up, I step back and ask myself those “questions” and the light bulb hit me. My values. Sticking true to my values will help me figure out my future. It’s our values that drive us and gives us the determination to take on challenges and stick with our gut instincts.

The article talks about what key-life experiences have shaped the Gen-Y personalities and how they are pushing to reinvent the workplace mindset. The #1 on the list is: Millennials want to know their work has purpose. 

I have passion and drive- like all of you reading this post, but what are we doing with it? Are we getting the “purposeful” career we are in now? What are we doing to push this change in mindset and leadership?

There are lots of questions and this is a bigger discussion. I'd love to start a conversation. Share your insights from the article and your thoughts on the questions I posed.