Is It Too Early in Your Career to Work from Home?

Over half of 18-44-year-old workers say they want to work at a firm that offers flexible working arrangements. In fact, according to a Cisco study, around 70% of college students and young professionals don’t believe that heading into the office is necessary anymore, with 60% believing they should have the right to work remotely. And employers seem to agree, with an increasing number offering workers the flexibility of a work at home schedule.

But could it be too early in your career to make that jump? The answer is simply no. Of course, you will miss out on the experience of working in a busy office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the job from another location. When you ask your employer, they may be concerned that as a young professional you could need extra support and supervision. If so, then suggest working from home on a trial basis, or for just one or two days a week. But if you are keen to try out telecommuting, then you will need to demonstrate that you are reliable and trustworthy, whether you are working in the office, or from home.

Of course, the final decision on telecommuting is up to your boss, but there’s certainly no denying the significant advantages to working at home for both employee and company. 

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Jocelyn Brown is a professional freelancer writer and mother. She loves the freedom that comes with freelancing and the versatility it allows her in covering many different topics and themes. When not at work she enjoys running, hikes in the country and making the most of family time.