Fireside Chat - Trevor Lynn CMO of Social Tables D.C.'s Hottest Startups 4.18.17





If you’re like Trevor Lynn, CMO of Social Tables, you’ve got a real hunger for the work and dedication it takes for a startup to live or die. As one of the first 10 employees for this web-based software in the hospitality and events industry, Trevor’s been on the serious roller coaster that can be working at a startup - your coworkers are your family, you’re failing together, hitting brick walls together but then finding new paths together with no process, no guidance, and hardly any resources.

And if you’re not like Trevor (which is totally fine, too!) you may seek more structure, stability, or mentorship. According to Trevor, the key is to care about the size of the company and how that fits the type of person you are and really understand the elements that dictate where you should look.

For those transitioning into new industries, be willing to invest in yourself. Sure, getting into a new industry is risky but if you take a salary bump, adjust your lifestyle. Instead of paying $200k for an MBA, take a 40k decreased salary for 5 years and invest that in yourself by not taking a higher salary. Just take the pay cut, work your way up, and have zero debt.

You can’t always wonder, “Is my company cooler than my friend’s company? Am I getting promoted faster than my friends are?” It’s not an end all be all, Trevor says. Always be really honest with yourself about how you really, truly learn and seek a position or company that can fulfill that need.