How to Become an NYC Social Influencer | Fireside Chat with Founder of Don’t Sit Home

On June 14th, 2017, we sat down with the solopreneur and founder of Don't Sit Home, Amanda Morrison, for our sixth fireside chat part of our NicheCon series. 

We talked about the importance of social media as a branding tool for business, past job experiences, maintaining connections, networking and much more. In this chat, Kevin interviews Amanda on her journey from a stable day job running copyright law at Associate Press to the responsibilities of being her own boss managing Don't Sit Home. 

Amanda was able to take this leap of faith in her professional career because of the passion she has for what she does. The road to thriving in her business was paved with lots of adversity, but she held her professional knowledge dear and was able to establish a solid foundation to her business today.

Don't Sit Home® is a social media management and event planning service that embodies the mission of a total experience. Amanda has been driving this side hustle for a number of years and decided to make it her full time job in May 2014. Her ultimate goal is to inspire anyone and everyone to go out and live their passions in a unique way. This is a much watch (or listen) to anyone in eventing planning, travel, social media, or trying to take a side hustle to full-time.