How Gen Z is Shaping the Future of Higher Education

For the last several years, millennials are frequently at the top of the list as it relates to the future of work and education. However, the generation often not discussed is Generation Z, who is on the horizon. As some of the Gen Z population (born 1996 or later) is approaching workforce age, it is important to gain perspective on what they want, and where they predict shifts in the upcoming years. 

In order to understand the future of higher education, it is crucial to begin dialogue both about and with the Gen Z group. This panel you are about to listen to was put on by George Washington University's Student Affairs department facilitated by Robert Schneider. This was part of a monthly student affairs professional development series at the university where they brought together young professionals and higher-ed experts to each share their unique perspectives and ideals, as well as begin this important communication. 

Our founder, Kevin O'Connell was invited as one of 5 professionals to sit on the panel and offer his perspective of how Gen Z communicates, how they learn, and how we can create environments for them to succeed after graduation. 


Kendra Scott - Coordinator, New Student & Hallmark Programs

Murphy Miller - Assistant Director Admissions & Tours

Renee Kashawlic - Assistant Director, First Year Experience

Michael Mckenzie- Director, Career Services

Kevin O'Connell- Founder, The Niche Movement and FYN Creative

Moderated by Robert Synder - Executive Director Planning & Outreach Student Affairs 

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