How A Podcast Built My Personal Brand

The Niche Movement Founder Kevin O’Connell returns to podcasting with Dustin Ramsdell to discuss working for yourself, building personal brands, and establishing careers in higher education.

Dustin started his digital reputation with Higher Ed Geek Blog before getting involved with higher education as a career path. After graduate school and working for a few years, Dustin was hired at 2U where he worked until August 2018. Described as a “software as a service” company that helps colleges integrate their online graduate degree programs, 2U brought Dustin down to the Mid-Atlantic region from his upbringings in Maine: “Once I started talking to someone, it was quick, it was efficient, it was casual, it worked.” Dustin now works as a Student Affairs Lead for Noodle Partners.

Also explored in this episode is a conversation about marketing transferable skills for employers and creating a unique resume. Kevin and Dustin discuss major life transitions, being flexible, crafting digital brands, podcasting before it was cool, networking via podcasting, Baltimore craft beer, and creating the life you want to live.

Dustin’s current podcast, Higher Ed Geek, can be found here.   

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