Goal Setting Guide: How to Make and Keep Goals in 2019 (Podcast)

According to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by the second week of February. (We know, not exactly what you wanted to hear).

In this podcast episode, we confronted the 80% statistic head-on and broke down what successful goal setting looks like. The Niche Movement Social Media Intern Jaylene Perez and The Niche Movement Founder Kevin O’Connell got together to talk through their fumbles and triumphs when it came to personal goals, career goals, and even mental health.

For Kevin, there’s no five step process to goal setting. He thinks big about what he wants to achieve in a year then breaks that goal down into increments over 90 day sprints. When he isn’t seeing the result he wants, he stops to remind himself to be flexible with his own goals.

Success we have in one year isn't always contingent upon the goals we set at the beginning of that year. Goals have ripple effects two, four, and five years down the road, so be patient.

With The Niche Movement’s help, you can get over the New Year’s resolution slump. Kevin and Jaylene encourage everyone to take a one to two week refresh before slowly adding on a goal that could eventually become a habit in 2019.

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