5 Questions for Your Job Search

The Niche Movement Founder Kevin O’Connell shared the hard truth about hearing the word “no” in our blog How to Handle Rejection in Business. Now, we present you with our Go or No-Go? Job Search Checklist. Rather than listening to rejection, this checklist flips the script and grants you the power to say “no” to a new job opportunity--giving you the tools to push forward in the right direction on your professional journey.

The Go or No-Go? Job Search Checklist presents you with the top five things to consider when job hunting. Use this checklist, and you’ll feel more in control of your job search and make more strategic decisions when switching jobs.

Before you apply to any job or go in to any interview, ask the following questions. If you ask these questions, you’ll have a good sense of whether or not the job is a good fit, whether or not you’re qualified, and whether or not the job will help your career in the long run.

Remember, it is ok to remove yourself from the interview process or decline the offer if the job isn’t a fit.

1. Relevant experience

Ask yourself:

Do you have credible experience and can you specifically state career milestones that meet the expectations of the job you are applying for?

If you meet less than 50% of the job description’s expectations, consider walking away and applying to other jobs where you may be more qualified.

2. Culture

Ask yourself:

Are you able to speak with current or former employees from this company to get insight into the culture, leadership, and future of the company? If you can't speak with employees, can gain enough insight on their culture through press, their website, social media, or online reviews. From that insight, is this the culture and style of work you want for your next job?

If you learn about the culture of the company and still can’t picture yourself as an employee, move on. There’s a better company for you elsewhere.

3. Capacity

Ask yourself:

Is the job description and major responsibilities reasonable for you? Can you meet or exceed those expectations within the first year? Does this job meet your salary expectations?

Your ability to be happy and thrive in the office revolves around your performance and your compensation for performance. If you aren’t able to meet the demands of the job or the company isn’t paying you enough, find a different job that provides you with the right rigor, balance, and compensation.

4. Recon

Ask yourself (and find out):

Why is this position is open? Is this a brand new position? Is this job part of a growing team and why? Is there a lot of turnover in this position? Do you know the history of this position?

A position with a high turnover rate is bad news. Either the boss is a bear to work with, or something else is wrong internally. Be weary of high turnover. Get to the bottom of why the company is hiring, and see what past employees in this position have gone on to do.

5. Future you

Ask yourself:

If you take this job and work there for 2-5 years, will the reputation of this company help you reach your next career goal? Will the responsibilities and accomplishments in this new job help you in your next job?

Personal growth should always come first. If the job is too easy or too similar to your current job, pass on it. Your professional life is too short to waste time. Use each job as a stepping stone to the next.

Go or No-Go?

Now that you’ve considered these five areas . . . is the job the right fit? We hope you use these questions as a guide to finding the perfect job for you.

Walk away from a job opportunity if you have to. Some job opportunities are a go, and some are a no-go. Figure out where your opportunity falls.