How I Perfected My Morning Routine - Even Though I Wasn’t a Morning Person

Sound the alarm! Because it’s time for you to implement a good morning routine. For all you “I’m-not-a-morning-person” types, trust me, I was one of you, waiting until the last possible second to get up and out the door for work. 

I am the queen of rolling out of bed 5 minutes before I need to be somewhere. 

But this summer I decided to try a morning routine, and it has completely changed my mindset going into the workday, increasing my energy and mindfulness.

A good morning routine gets you in the right headspace to tackle your day and gives you time to self-reflect on your goals for the day. 

Pick and choose what works for you from my morning routine below. Your routine will be unique to you, but the benefits will be the same!

Start the Night Before

Any good morning routine takes prep work. An hour before I plan to go to bed I stop whatever I’m doing to shower, declutter my room, pack my lunch, lay out my breakfast, and choose my outfit. 

Scared by that long laundry list? 

Don’t worry. The more you practice the routine, the quicker you get. And I do most of my meal prep and outfit prep Sunday nights to make my weekday evenings easier.

After I get organized the night before, I shift to no screen time. 

30 minutes before bed I put my phone and laptop away. The blue light from the screens suppresses melatonin, interrupting your body’s internal clock.

During no screen time, I can read, listen to a podcast, or journal. Sometimes I do a combination or sometimes I stick to one. I allow myself flexibility here to meet my different needs from day to day, so pick whatever works for you!

The key is to let your mind slow down and unwind 30 minutes before you want to be conked out.

Get Your Body Moving

Once my feet hit the ground, my headphones go in. I turn on my song of the moment and get busy.

I spend five minutes each morning gently stretching to get the blood flowing. Then the real fun begins. 

I have a 10 minute dance party in the mirror. Lip-syncing to my heart’s content. The dance party puts a smile on my face and sets the tone for finding joy in the little stuff throughout the day.

I’ve danced for 10 years of my life, so it’s my happy place.

Whatever your workout happy place is, do it first thing in the morning. 

Eat Breakfast

You already know what I’m going to say . . . but it’s true! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you fuel.

Sunday nights I make a batch of smoothies that I can sip on all week long as I go about my morning routine. Then pack a protein bar to eat on the metro.

Wake Up the Mind

The last thing in my morning routine is a gratitude journal. I spend five minutes writing down three things that I’m thankful for then I write down the story behind the best thing that happened to me  in the last 24 hours.

I use the “Gratitude Journal for Women: For Daily Thanksgiving and Reflection.” It asks me to rate my feel-good factor out of 10. Every day this simple exercise reminds me that I set the tone of my day. If I write down a feel-good factor of 2, I’m likely going to set myself up for a crummy day. But if I write down a 7 or higher every day, I can guarantee I’m going to make the best out of whatever comes my way that day.

My gratitude journal helps me to remember all the great things I have in my life. It helps me to be mentally stronger, so that I can conquer my days with confidence.

Be Patient (And Keep Adjusting to Your Needs)

Any new habit takes time. Especially a morning routine! If developing a full morning routine is too hard to start, incorporate one piece at a time and build out your routine over a few months. 

Above all. Be kind to yourself! Not every morning will go according to plan. And sometimes you need that extra 30 minutes of sleep. Don’t become so rigid and regimented that you don’t listen to what your body needs.

Don’t see your go-to morning routine listed above? Check out our Instagram for other routines and tricks!