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"If you live for weekends & vacations, your shit is broken" Interview w. Gary Vaynerchuck


Skip Your Career Fair Blog post 4 or 4

Wow! On Monday night Feb 25th I finally got a chance to do a phone interview with Gary Vaynerchuck for his 1 day interviews he is doing. I only came across him just shy of a year ago but after reading both his books, watching countless keynotes and videos and reading all his posts, he has changed the trajectory of my career, the way I create social media marketing strategies and why I started the Niche Movement.

Now this is my final post in the Skip Your Career Fair series and college students LISTEN UP - this is the core of innovative career exploration and what the Niche Movement is all about. I'm keeping this post short because the 12 minute interview backs up everything 18-25 years olds need to hear and DO! Here are 3 highlights from Gary's interview:

1. “If a place doesn’t make you happy, start looking. They’re going to be working more than anything else in their life, be happy while you’re doing it.” - This is exactly why I started the Niche Movement - the average American is going to work more than 98,000 hours in your lifetime. Find your niche and be happy.

2. “Between the age of 16-22 take 2 summers working for the person they most want to be like and work for free” - This is Gary's response to how college students and recent grads can stand out from their peers and set themselves apart from the pack of applicants.

3. “You don’t have to settle, find the right place for you” -I've said this in 2 other blog posts, but it is 2013 - go out and do what makes you happy. Whether you create your own niche in your current company, pave a way in your internship or follow your own dreams and ideas go do it and don't settle.

Without further adieu, here is my talk with Gary - enjoy!

Kevin O’Connell, Founder – The Niche Movement

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