Newest Intern Brings the Power of Words to Life


Hi everyone! I’m Rachel, the newest addition to The Niche Movement Team. I am a sophomore at the George Washington University studying Journalism and Mass Communication. I am originally from New Jersey, about a half hour outside of New York City, so I have really enjoyed getting to know a new city and exploring DC during my time at school.

I live in Foggy Bottom and particularly love trying all of the great new restaurants in the area as well as in Georgetown, DuPont, and Logan Circle (always happy to give recommendations!). By the end of my four years at GW plan on trying every sushi/Japanese/Thai restaurant in the DC area and I’ve made pretty good progress so far. Some of my favorites are Mate, Mai Thai and Sei. There are so many great places to try that it can be overwhelming!

Some other fun facts about me:

I am a former triathlete and used to train and run triathlons with my parents and younger brother. I love exercising regularly and leading a healthy and active lifestyle and feel that it is super important not only physically but mentally as well.

I went through a brief period of fashion obsession in middle and high school and as a byproduct, know how to sew and make my own clothes. Unfortunately, some extremely poor fashion choices were also a byproduct of my fashion obsession.

If you can’t already tell, I am a bit of a foodie but most of all an avocado toast fanatic. Whenever I am home in New Jersey I travel to New York City to try new cafes in search of the best avocado toast (also happy to give recommendations!).

I am a brand new addition to The Niche Movement and will be acting as the Copywriting and Social Media intern. I am really excited to get involved with the Niche Movement’s blog as well as engage with all of our followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! I have never worked at a start-up before so I can’t wait to learn the ins and outs of life at a start-up company.

While learning more about the company and it’s goals I realize that finding a career you love is a struggle for so many adults, not just young people. The work that the Niche Movement does is so relevant to this generation because so many people, including myself, question their aspirations and career paths. I really hope to further this message with my work at the Niche Movement in a fun and innovative way.

My role will primarily focus on the power of words and how the right words send a more powerful message than anything else could. I am really passionate about writing in many different forms and am so excited to use my writing skills to facilitate the growth of such an important message.

Feel free to reach out to me at!