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4 Tips For Succeeding In Your First Job

4 Tips For Succeeding In Your First Job

Having just transitioned to my second professional position in the education sector, I realize there were things I did in my first job that set me up for success and helped me thrive in a career I love. Here are four key takeaways on what you can do to make the most of your first job. 

Newest Intern Brings the Power of Words to Life

Newest Intern Brings the Power of Words to Life

 Hi everyone! I’m Rachel, the newest addition to The Niche Movement Team. I am a sophomore at the George Washington University studying Journalism and Mass Communication.

New Kid on The Block: The Niche Movement Reaches a New Milestone


The Niche Movement has met yet another milestone and hired another piece to this growing puzzle! Hi everyone! I'm Emilie, the newest addition to this growing tribe.

I'm a brand new transplant to Washington D.C., just moving here this summer. In just two short months I've fallen in love with the District, mastered the metro, and had my fair share of battles with the DMV. One of my favorite things is being told fun facts about new people and so naturally, I'm going to share a few with the NM community.

  • I aim to leave no Froyo store untried. My newest discovery is Blue Moo. Check it out! You might even see me in there.
  • If the real housewives series are wrong, I don’t want to be right. (#TeamBethenny)
  • I love my niece Lola and nephew Cason. I'm that annoying Aunt filling my Instagram with fun pictures of them.

Born and raised in Millville NJ, I attended Rutgers University and am a proud Scarlet Knight. While in New Brunswick, I served as project manager under Kevin for the university’s rec marketing team. The role developed my passion for social media and project management that I didn't know I had. But after graduation, like many millennials, I took the first job offered to me. After the honeymoon phase with my new company was over, I found myself unhappy with the lack of creativity and autonomy, and wanted something more. All signs kept pointing to D.C. and when timing matched up, I took the plunge and made the move.

At the Niche Movement, I will primarily serve as Director of Community & Lead Strategist. Those are fancy words but what do they mean? To me, I will mark this role a success if I can look back and be able to easily identify growth I brought to this company. Whether that be through content curation, branding, social media, or new clients, it is important for me to see specific growth both in myself and The Niche Movement. One thing I'm most excited about in taking on this new role is learning about and meeting other individuals and companies who are living their passions. Undoubtedly, surrounding yourself with progressive people inspires and benefits you. It is one of the best things I've done post-graduation so far. If you know of anyone like this, share them with me! (Think: Gary Vaynerchuck and Vaynermedia.) The Niche Movement would love to tell their story and I'd love to get inspired by them.

I am so excited to be expanding and spreading The Niche Movements mission. I truly can't wait to add to its ever evolving success story! If you want to know more about me (or see Cason and Lola!) follow my life on Instagram and Twitter. You can also chat directly with me at