10 Questions Every Young Professional Should Ask

The stretch of time known as our twenties is a chapter of self-discovering, goal-setting, and experience-seeking moments. This decade is commonly dubbed as the foundation for the rest of adulthood. The pressure many young professionals feel is rather potent, and the need to plot everything out becomes very real.

Many twenty-somethings cling to the guidance and insight from others, constantly questioning each and every decision that needs to be made. Do we want to go to college? Is grad school important to us? Is our dream career in our hometown, across the country, or overseas? Questions like these, and many more, often plague the thoughts of a twenty-something’s mind. It can become numbing to realize we must respond with answers to these questions. In short, where do we even begin?

Here at The Niche Movement, we want to eliminate the doubt, qualms, and uncertainties too many millennials feel when establishing a career in their twenties. Instead of being nervous, we want you to have the confidence and direction you need to be successful and secure a job in your niche that makes you love Mondays.

These are ten questions every young professional should ask him/herself:

1.     What inspires you most? What is it about life that brings meaning and purpose to your cause? Are you inspired by words? Art? Consulting? Teaching? Consider the aspects of life that inspire you. By identifying where your passions really shine, you may be able to discover your dream career early on.

2.     If money were no object, what career would you choose? By removing finances from the mix, think about what type of work makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Adults spend at least forty hours of their weeks working. We all should love what we do, to make that hearty portion of our day/week feel important and meaningful. Think about how you feel when you wake up for work on Mondays. Do you love Mondays? Do you at least like them? Finding your happiness in a career is the best way to incorporate genuine passion into your work.

3.     Are you motivated to learn new things? This is a wise trick to put you to the test. Are you interested in learning new workflows, ways of doing things, new materials, new information, etc.? Or, are you the type of employee who prefers redundancy, routine, and familiar processes? If you can identify which way of working you prefer, you’ll be able to align yourself with the right career for you. You’ll either value a job that brings you endless changes, or one in which you’re a cog in the machine, focusing only on your routine role.

4.     Does your career or chosen path excite you to talk about? Whether you’re in college or grad school, finishing up your degree, or you’re in the midst of a new career, does your chosen field excite you to talk to others about? If you are filled with joy and want to chat with friends, relatives, etc. about your job, chances are you’re content with your field and genuinely enjoy what you do. If you refrain from admitting to others what you’re job is, you’re likely feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or possibly even discouraged. We want you to love your niche, and encourage you to find the career that makes you smile!

5.      Where are you willing to go to earn your dream job? Is your dream job based in your hometown? Across the country? Overseas? Think about where your work thrives. If you’re anxious to apply for a job that’s only based in Europe or across the U.S., you’ll have to consider how easy or difficult it will be for you to uproot for a career. Conversely, if your career is based in your hometown or a local city, you need to weigh the costs of things you might be giving up, such as flexibility in traveling.

6.     Where are you ripe with talent? Write down the skills you have that make you a talented young professional. Are you keen on attention to detail? Is writing your craft? Do you have advanced editing, computing, proofreading, or communication skills? Your talents may lead you into a career you never even considered. Explore all of your options!

7.     What’s holding you back? Sometimes we experience moments of hesitation, especially in the midst of making a big change in life. Whether it’s moving, a new job, or asking for a pay raise, the voice in our head makes us really question our motives. What’s holding you back? Are you nervous about moving for work? Is the stress of the job hunt getting to you? Is there a reason why you’re hesitating to accept an offer? Determine what’s holding you back career-wise and see if there’s a healthy, effective way to resolve it.

8.     What’s negotiable and what’s non-negotiable? Write down the negotiable and non-negotiable factors in reference to your profession. Perhaps for you, moving is not even an option no matter how much you love your job. Or, maybe you refuse to earn under a certain pay scale. Think hard about where you’re willing to offer a bit of wiggle room, and where you’re firm. This will help you stick to your list and present your position to potential employers.

9.     If you can accomplish just one thing, what should it be? Everyone has that one goal they want to achieve in their lifetime. For some, it’s as ambitious as curing cancer or walking on the moon. For others, it’s raising a healthy family, owning a home, or falling in love. Think about what you absolutely have to complete in your lifetime. You may discover the book you want to write or teaching degree you’re aiming for is not so unrealistic after all.

10. Does your work bring you success? If at the end of the day your job, career, or classes make you feel successful, that’s all that really matters. Success can take many forms: a healthy paycheck, solid G.P.A., employment happiness, and a passion to continue your employment journey. Finding success in what you do will ultimately make you love what you do. Be sure you’re niche makes you feel as successful as you can possibly be.

The road to obtaining a career as a young professional is filled with much stress, doubt, tries, fails, successes, and more. Many of us experience a series of trials and errors before finding our true niche. Don’t be discouraged or too hard on yourself if your journey is still continuing. Your true niche could be just around the bend.

At The Niche Movement, we want you to experience employment satisfaction and happiness. By asking yourself these ten questions, we hope you will be well on your way to uncovering your passions, setting the right goals, and ultimately establishing a solid foundation for your future. We want you to love Mondays as much as we do. We believe in you!