Blogs That Inspire Me

The power of social media is truly powerful and social (pun intended).  Instagram has become a HUGE resource for me. Not only am I an avid follower of inspiring blog writers but also have connected with one. Continuing from my last post, personal development and being engaged in yourself and your development will help you grow every day. What I read and who I follow is diverse on some levels, from fitness, lifestyle to career and leadership.  I would like to share my list of inspiring people and blogs you should check out. (I do apologize to the males, as most if not all of my list is female focused blogs)


1.     Anna Locke (

This chick is seriously amazing and REAL! What I mean by real, is there is no BS with her, she is comfortable in her own skin and you just feel her positive energy through her blog. She shares everything from daily inspiration, shares insights on how to be your authentic self, travel, fitness, food and new designs from her Etsy shop. I recently took the opportunity to do a 5 Day challenge Anna lead about being your authentic self. The goal of the group was to really think about different “life related” questions, Anna posed to the group and allow ourselves to just write everything out and share though the Facebook group. It was inspiring and filled with tough love- in the most positive way!


2.     Bossed Up (

This is one of my new favorite blogs to follow.  This blog is so much more than just reading articles, it is hands on! The overall goal is “about crafting a happy, healthy, sustainable career path that empowers women to achieve our full potential” – Emilie Aries, founder and CEO


3.     30-Day Push by Chalene Johnson (

Chalene Johnson is known for a celebrity trainer who created TubroJam, TurboFire and PiYo but Chalene is also an AMAZING public speaker and is beyond inspiring- not just about fitness, about life!! She created the 30-Day Push; a free 30-day program where you get an e-mail each day that will ensure that your efforts reflect your goals and that you’re living the life you were meant to live! (*hint- finding your niche) I am currently in the middle of my 30 days, and like the authentic self group, personal tough love.

4.     Levo League (

Another new favorite to follow! Their instagram is filled with inspiring quotes and insights about career and life happiness. The goal of this blog is to "provide the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs. They believe you can create a life you’re passionate about.”– Caroline Ghosn, founder and CEO