3 Lessons to Build an Original Personal Brand

3 Lessons to Build an Original Personal Brand

Being geeky has always been a part of me. So much so that I made it my professional “brand” (which I put in air quotes since branding can be a loaded term but it’s the best way to capture a professional identity). I created the moniker “Higher Ed Geek” for myself several years back as a way to capture who I am, what I care about, and a way to distinguish myself in a crowded world.

See What Sticks: 3-Ingredient Success Stories

See What Sticks: 3-Ingredient Success Stories

In my former, gluten-eating life, I loved to bake. The feeling of putting ingredients together, knowing just how they'd behave, and eagerly anticipating the end result as it rose in the oven is an unforgettable and addictive feeling. (I should note: it can still be enjoyable when I do it now, when I get it right, but it's honestly more chemistry than cooking...but I digress.)

Even with the ample practice I got baking for friends and family, there would be moments where I'd miss an ingredient. A loaf would be in the oven for a few minutes before I'd realize "I forgot the salt!" or "Did I add baking powder?" or, once, "Wait, I don't remember using sugar..." The end result never felt quite right, no matter how gracious those who tasted the failed product tried to be.

See What Sticks: Seeing Your Skeptics

See What Sticks: Seeing Your Skeptics

At the request of a great many friends, and a vehement recommendation from my sister, I have finally completed Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's incredible novel AmericanahIn the past several years (read: once the Harry Potter series concluded) I haven't found much use for fiction, and have instead filled my mind and bookshelf with biographies and advice for my real life. And yet, as I read Americanah, there was so much that I found familiar, I found myself wishing for many, many more books like it

5 Lessons Learned from Self-Publishing a Book - Podcast Ep.2


Writing my first book was one of the hardest projects I have ever worked on, but having it shipped and out in the world has been just as rewarding. In episode 2, I talk about the lessons learned from writing and self-publishing my first book. From setting the right goals, marketing, and all the way to using Amazon Create Space I lay it all out on the table for anyone looking to create a book.

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